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Embrace the Beauty of Imperfection: Please note that some items in this bundle might have imperfections, such as torn labels or cosmetic blemishes. These imperfections are a result of liquidating my retail store and transporting the products across the country. Because of these imperfections, I am able to offer them to my customers at a significant discount.

Limited Availability: These bundles are available in limited quantity, so when they are gone, they are gone!! Many bundles include retired colors that are no longer available for purchase from Wise Owl. Be aware before beginning your projects and plan accordingly!

Wise Owl One Hour Enamel Paint

An incredibly tough, fast drying acrylic enamel for interior and exterior use on surfaces that require quick return to service and an abrasion resistant finish. With it's quick dry, sand, and re-coat times, One Hour Enamel helps you get the job done faster than conventional acrylic finishes. 

What makes it great?

Self levels for a professional, satin finish. Wise Owl OHE has a built in topcoat that dries to a stone hard finish. With very low VOCs that dissipate quickly thanks to it's rapid dry time, it's a safer alternative to most conventional paints.


90% cured in one hour after paint is fully dry. Fully cured in 14 days. Recommended re-coat time is 2 hours.Covers approximately 400 square feet per gallon.


While One Hour Enamel saves stress and time by eliminating the need for a top coat, a little extra effort is required on the prep end for best results. Thoroughly clean your surface, scuff sand when necessary, and prime with Wise Owl Primer for superior adhesion. (Do NOT use any shellac based primers under OHE as they can cause the product to crackle). Apply OHE with a Cling On brush, microfiber 3/16" roller, or spray (dilute no more than 10%). Be cautious to not over work the product, as it dries incredibly fast and can create drag marks if manipulated for too long. Apply enough paint to allow it to self level, but avoid drips.



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In an effort to ensure the highest quality product to my customers, I cannot offer returns or exchanges. This ensures that all products shipped out are new and unopened. Please be confident in your selections before placing an order.

If your items arrive damaged or faulty in any way, please email so I can rectify the situation.


Items are shipped from one of two locations, depending on the items ordered. Most orders are packaged and shipped by me, from Castle Rock, Colorado. In the event that I am unable to fulfill your order, it will be shipped directly from Wise Owl headquarters in Michigan.

Most orders are shipped USPS Priority. Depending on package weight and current postal wait times, UPS is utilized when it is more beneficial to my customers. Packages are processed and sent within 3 days (often shipped the same day as ordered). If your product needs are urgent, please contact me before ordering so we can discuss the best options for expediting your package.


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