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Camper Renovation from Top to Bottom!

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With the renovation of my travel trailer finally coming to an end, I can't help but reflect on all the things I've learned along the way. When I started this project, my skillset in the reno world was pretty minimal. I own a furniture painting business, so I had experience with paint products and a slight familiarity with basic power tools. But when it came to plumbing, electrical, or pretty much anything else involved with a tiny house on wheels, I was a blank slate waiting to soak up as much knowledge as possible. I had no clue just how much I'd need to learn.

We all have different learning styles: some are better at reading instructions in a book, some prefer to watch tutorial videos, and others, like me, don't seem to absorb new skills until they do them incorrectly, begin drowning in frustration, and then deconstruct their steps until they see first hand where things went wrong. While time-consuming, often financially costly, and extremely irritating, this is just how my brain seems to function best when trying to learn a new task. Considering how many times this frustration caused me to want to burn this camper to the ground, I'd like to save anyone else those stresses. I made mistakes, I fixed my mistakes, I learned from my mistakes. And I think it's silly for you to have to repeat that process. I've endured enough frustration for the both of us, so instead of having you hit the same walls, I'd rather share all the lessons I learned and save you the time, money, and irritation.

So, whether you are planning an RV renovation of your own, looking to replicate one of my projects in a conventional home, or just want to follow the journey to see how this entire process unfolds, I'll be sharing everything I've learned along the way. Each project of my renovation will be documented in detail in a blog post here on my website, as well as in an in-depth video on my YouTube channel. If you are eager to skip around and see the projects before I have a chance to publish them, you can sneak on over to my TikTok channel to see short clips of all the projects I've already completed. (There is a playlist titled "Camper Renovation" that contains dozens of videos for easy viewing).

I have a few hundred hours of footage to sort through and about 50 blog posts to write to fully document this journey, but I'm choosing to start with a simple list. While I get lots of questions asking for tips, tutorials, and techniques, the most common question I see is "Where did you buy that?". So this post is my designated drop zone for all things purchased. If you've seen any videos or photos and wondered where I found the backsplash in the kitchen, or the pillowcases on the couch, or even the coasters sitting on a table in the background...this is the place to find your answers!! This post will continuously grow as I add more information, so be sure to check back often to get all the details of the renovation! And if there is any specific product you are curious about that has yet to be added to the list, drop a comment below and I will do my best to add that item as soon as possible.

(All items in this list were all purchased by me, with my own money, and without any compensation, unless specified as 'sponsored products'. However, some links in this list are affiliate links that help support my business and this renovation. Affiliate links don't cost you an extra penny, but I do receive a kickback for sending business their way. Links to Wise Owl paint products are items I sell directly from my own website. Thank you SO much for using these links to help support my business!)

(Prices listed are what I paid at the time of purchase. Many items have since gone on sale, some have increased. Please check and compare!)

Camper bunk beds renovated in bright white walls with Cutting Edge Stencil designs painted in gray


Cleaned with LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner

Painted with Wise Owl One Hour Ceramic Paint in the color Snow Owl for base and Renovation Gray for stencil

Bunks stenciled with Cutting Edge Stencil “Diamond Dots” (sponsored)

Bathroom stenciled with Cutting Edge Stencil “Dotted Herringbone” (sponsored)


Zinus 5" memory foam cot mattress $93 (x2)

Knitted decorative throw blankets $20 (x2)

Triangle bed sheet fasteners $6 (x2)

Microfiber sheet set $16 (x2)

Tekamon microfiber all season duvet cover $27 (x2)

Down alternative hotel pillows $23


Camper renovation kitchen makeover with herringbone counter, hexagon backsplash, black and gold faucet, and black sink


Magic cleaning sponges (for varnish)

Stir Sticks ($16)

Plywood ($20)


Cleaned with LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner

Primed with Wise Owl Stain Blocking Primer in White

Painted with Wise Owl One Hour Enamel Paint in the color Snow Owl

Non adhesive shelf liner $25 (six rolls)

Gold bar pulls $13


Black and Gold Faucet $77

Black Sink $152

Soap pump $27

Camper renovation living room makeover with new faux leather futon converted to trailer couch

Vinyl Flooring:

Traffic Master Peel and Stick in the color “Ash Gray”

Instatrim self adhesive, flexible trim / caulk $20 (x2)

Throw Rug:

Fabric is Abbeyshea Woods Jacquard Ocean Wave


Tapered legs from Amazon $27

Faux leather futon $159

Throw Pillows:

White knitted pillows $18 (for two covers)

Black buttoned pillows $17 (for two covers)

Camper renovation dining area with paint pour table


LED ceiling light bulbs $14

Geometric decor from Walmart $7 (x2)

Black canopy $10 (x2)

12V Edison bulbs $14 (for 3)

Luxvista RV reading lamps $16 (x2)

Dining Table:

2 part crystal clear epoxy resin $63


Songmics over the door hanger $16


Tongue Jack Stand $13

Roblock curved leveler blocks $55

Latch.It Door Latch/Lock $32

Damavo USB socket $10

Norcold refrigerator vent $27

Dicor self leveling sealant $11

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