Why Stencils Are Making Wallpaper a Thing of the Past

Stencils vs. Wallpaper

This camper renovation has had a very clear goal since day one...

Luxurious, high-end design, on a teeny budget.

I want the space to feel comfortable and welcoming while being bold, vibrant, and modern, but with my cost restrictions, it's been a tricky endeavor. Add in the fact that we are working with about 100 square feet and you can see why creativity became key to making this work. Each space needed to be cohesive with the overall design plan, but I also wanted each area to feel unique.

Camper renovation design board featuring Cutting Edge Stencils

When it came to the bunk beds, I thought wallpaper would be a great way to add some excitement into an otherwise boring space. I started scouring the internet in search of the perfect pattern but quickly realized just how impossible that is. The wallpaper I was hoping to find needed to provide a look of modern luxury, while also having incredible adhesion, and come in the colors I needed to coordinate with not only the bedding but the rest of the camper as well. Every time I found a pattern I loved, I was disappointed by the lack of color options or the horrific reviews. So, I began searching out DIY options for wall designs involving paint and sponges, or geometric designs using tape. But while I loved a lot of the ideas I found, they all had a rustic, handmade vibe. Perfect in many spaces, but not this camper. Rustic just won't mesh with the modern, linear design scheme I have created. Back to the drawing board I went and then...then the perfect solution landed in my lap.

Cutting Edge Stencils black and white geometric wall pattern

Cutting Edge Stencils

I linked up with Cutting Edge Stencils and quickly fell in love. They have a HUGE selection of designs and each one is better than the last, making the decision process the hardest part of this project. I scoured their website for hours, drooled over dozens, and then finally narrowed my choice down to two patterns. Luckily, the company rocks and is just as excited about my camper renovation as I am, so they are sending me both. I'm going to be using the Diamond Dots Geometric Stencil for the bunk area and the Dotted Herringbone to finish off the bathroom wall.

Diamond Dots Geometric Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils

The stencils are designed to perfectly overlap in a seamless pattern, giving it the look of high-end wallpaper without the cost or the hassle. I can paint the diamonds on the bunk walls using whatever color paint I choose and never have to worry about all my hard work going to waste when I hit the road. With wallpaper, movement and temperature fluctuations are huge risks. The adhesive could give way when we hit bumps, the paper could peel as the temperatures drop, or the design could buckle as humidity rises. These are basic risks related to just about every single aspect of a camper renovation...but ones that can be avoided if you think outside the box. By using the same Wise Owl ceramic wall paint for the stencils, in a color that contrasts the Snow Owl I used on the walls already, I can get a seamless design without all the risks. Now the hardest part is just choosing my colors!! I'm thinking of a deep gray in the bunks and perhaps teal or navy blue in the bathroom. Or, perhaps I'll just go wild and throw some gold on the walls!!!

Cutting Edge Stencils flying crane pattern in gold for bathroom wall design

Redfin Article!

I've been in talks with Cutting Edge Stencils for a few weeks now and I can't stop scouring their catalog, drooling over all the options. So when Redfin (yep, the real estate search engine geniuses!!) reached out to see if I wanted to collaborate on an upcoming article about home improvement projects...stencils were front and center on my mind. They asked for my favorite DIY project to update and refresh a home and I instantly started envisioning all of the incredible focal walls featured on Cutting Edge's website. Nothing says luxury interior design more than a sophisticated, high-end accent wall. You can choose a high contrast, busy floral pattern in bright, bold colors...or a clean and simple geometric pattern using two different sheens to give a more subtle touch of elegance. (Picture that silky black trim going down the leg of a matte black tuxedo! Ooooh myyyyyy!)

Be sure to check out the full article here to see all of the other tips!

Cutting Edge Stencils two toned black 3D stencil design

I can't tell you how excited I am to start stenciling the camper walls. I just know it's going to bring the entire space to a new level of luxury! Are you as excited as I am? Did you go check out all their incredible designs?? Daydreaming about vamping up your own walls now??? 

Be sure to check back soon to see how the project turns out and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see the entire process as it unfolds! 

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  • I am so proud of you! I feel like I’ve been on a journey with you. This is an incredible testament to your strength and I cannot wait to see where you “go” next!

    Brenda Schmidt

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