Upgrading to a Finger Print Scanning Deadbolt

SECURAM Touch Smart Deadbolt

I’ve been doing a lot of small projects around my mom’s house the last few weeks (laundry renovation, new coffee bar, etc) and this week I tackled the door that goes from the garage to the house. The door had a standard Kwikset deadbolt and while it was functional, I knew we could do better. In just a matter of minutes, I was able to swap it out for the SECURAM Touch Smart Deadbolt and the upgrade is pretty drastic.

SECURAM Smart Touch Deadbolt

The deadbolt comes equipped with a fingerprint scanner that makes this keyless entry the easiest I’ve ever seen. In addition, you can also program up to thirty different numerical entry codes. I think this will come in handy when she needs to give access to neighbors, friends, or even repair workers. As a backup, the deadbolt can also be unlocked with a more traditional key, albeit, far fancier than any other key I’ve ever seen.

SECURAM Smart Touch Deadbolt

But it doesn’t stop there, not by a long shot. If you get the optional Smart Hub to pair with the deadbolt, it can then be connected to your phone and Alexa via the wifi in your house. With that addition, you can lock your door from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. Or you could just lay in bed and say “Hey Alexa, lock the door” and instantly have your house secured. I know I’m silly, but this type of technology just blows my mind!! The fact that they’ve created a deadbolt that can do all of these things AND be an incredibly secure lock as well?? Wild.

Installing the new deadbolt

The install was a piece of cake, taking me longer to remove the old lock than to hook up the new one. The kit came with everything needed, except for the screwdriver, which I LOVE. Nothing irks me more than working on a project, only to realize you don’t have the right size Allen wrench or the proper batteries.

SECURAM high tech deadbolt

Before doing the installation, I downloaded the app that pairs with the lock. You just let it know you are installing a new deadbolt and they walk you through the install, step by step, with the most simple instructions ever. Once the lock was all hooked up, it prompted me to set up my new codes and program my fingerprints, and then it was done. Hooking up the Smart Hub was even easier, although you do have to have a 2.4Gh wifi connection. It didn’t work with the 5G line so I had to program it to a separate router. The prompts on the app do all the work for you though and in minutes, I was telling the door to lock and it was magically obeying. Just wild!!

SECURAM finger print scanning deadbolt

If you are looking to upgrade your locks, I can’t recommend this enough. The ability to have my son unlock the door simply by scanning his finger is insanely convenient! Now I’m trying to figure out how to modify my travel trailer so I can add one of these to it as well!!

SECURAM deadbolt

Find the SECURAM deadbolt (BLACK) here.

Find the SECURAM deadbolt (SILVER) here.

Find the optional Smart Hub here.

Find the Bundled Deadbolt AND Smart Hub here.

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Want to watch the install process?? I've got a quick YouTube video for you!

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