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10 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Creating a Reading Nook in Your Small Home
Creating a comfortable and inviting reading nook in your small home can be a challenge, but with a little creativity and some budget-friendly ideas, you can transform any corner into a personalized space that's perfect for reading. Here are ten ideas to get you started:
Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2023
Stay ahead of the game with this guide to the top interior design trends of 2023. From bold colors to sustainable materials, discover the latest styles for your home. 
L.G. Wright and the Tangled Web of Modern American Glass
Complications in Identifying Modern American Pressed Glass On recent treasure hunting adventures, I've found myself falling into the wild world of ...
The History & Style Characteristics of French Provincial Furniture
Few styles of furniture are more recognizable than French Provincial. From its curves to its detailing and even the iconic off-white and gold coloring of more recent reproductions, French Provincial pieces have made their mark in the furniture world. But what defines the style? How did it come to be? And is it still sought after? Let's dig in!
Every Product Used In My Camper Renovation
If you've seen any videos or photos and wondered where I found the backsplash in the kitchen, or the pillowcases on the couch, or even the coasters sitting on a table in the background...this is the place to find your answers!!
Why Stencils Are Making Wallpaper a Thing of the Past

This camper renovation has had a very clear goal since day one..luxurious, high-end design, on a teeny budget. Adding a stenciled design to the walls is just the right touch to up the glam factor without breaking the bank!

Upgrading to a Finger Print Scanning Deadbolt
The deadbolt comes equipped with a fingerprint scanner that makes this keyless entry the easiest I’ve ever seen. In addition, you can also program up to thirty different numerical entry codes. 
Creating The Perfect Rug In 10 Minutes
A quick, simple, and inexpensive DIY way to create a rug using your favorite fabric and a simple canvas drop cloth! If you need a rug for your front door, your back porch, your camper, or anywhere else that you don't want to invest a ton of money into...this is a total win.
Flawless Varnish with One Simple Hack

One of the most intimidating aspects of painting furniture for most people lies in the final step. You've taken the time to properly prep, repair, clean, and perhaps even prime. You've spent countless hours getting the most flawless coats of paint imaginable. And it's all for nothing if your varnish is cloudy, streaky, or textured.

What Color Primer Should I Use?
Wise Owl Primer comes in four color options: Clear, White, Gray, and Dark Gray. Each of these serves a different purpose and choosing the right one can have a huge impact on the ease and outcome of your painting project.
Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Without Breaking the Bank
The national average for a kitchen reno is just over twenty-five thousand dollars. And 29% of that big price tag...gets poured into the cabinets. With an almost $7,000 average dedicated to cabinetry, that much-needed kitchen makeover can be daunting, if not unfeasible. But what if you could refinish your cabinets yourself, getting that same fresh look while saving 95% of your costs? I know, it seems impossible, but stick with me...
When To Use Primer and Why It's So Helpful
When preparing to paint a piece of furniture, priming can be an essential part of creating a high quality, long lasting finish. Whether you need superior adhesion to allow your paint to stick to a slick surface or superior stain blocking to lock in tannins and stains, Wise Owl primer can be the key to working smarter, not harder!

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